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Welcome to Viva Fresh!

At Viva Fresh, we believe quality is better than quantity.

That's why we've carefully curated the very best and most popular takes on new and classic recipes so you don't have to. Why sift through dozens of nearly identical recipe options for the same meal? Don't you sometimes wish that someone would just go through and simply present you with the best of the best? If so Viva Fresh Food is for you! If it's on Viva Fresh, that means it's been vetted by our team of experts, saving you time by only offering the most popular and delicious recipe options your family is sure to love.

Viva Fresh Food is also proud to present our exclusive SIBO recipe section you won't find anywhere else. From full course meals to easy to make snacks, all recipes you will find in this category are 100% SIBO friendly. Your gut and your taste buds will love them.

That's not all! We are also currently accepting YOUR best recipe submissions. Sign up today to start sending us your best recipes and they could be enjoyed by thousands of our readers just like you!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy all Viva Fresh Food has to offer as your go-to destination for recipes online.

The Viva Fresh Food Team

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